LA FIRME was born of the encounter between artists, designers and general contrators for whom technical sophistication and aesthetics are the key ingredients of a successful project. We believe that the quality of an interior lies in the integration and coherence of the overall elements that revolve around it: from energy efficiency through colorways to furniture, materials, lighting, mechanical engineering and ergonomics.

At LA FIRME, we specialize in custom made, turnkey projects and we think that dealing with one party makes things easier and more agreeable. That's why we offer to take charge of all phases of a project, no matter its size: from the original briefing to the completed job. Whether it's a lamp, a sofa, a barn, a pontoon, a restaurant, a wall pocket, a duplex house or a manor...Every single detail is designed, built, installed and managed by us, at LA FIRME.

We are a team of young, creative and thorough professionals who, from an ecological, economical and human perspective, put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right materials and the right and the right suppliers to achieve the very best results.